DPS kings - ExtinctThe constant nerfing of rogues is going yet another step on in the coming patch – the haste rate nerf.
It seems as if blizz is trying to turn the rogues into peons or just to get rid of this class. So, being a sporty kind of rogue, I’ve decided to give Blizz a hand and write down some more suggestions to be implemented on the next patches. Follow them, and you’ll have no more rogues by the time the dreaded Death Knight will start to roam around.

How can blizzard nerf the rogues even more

  1. Leather is too OP, rogues should wear clothes.
  2. Vanish is an unfair advantage. It should have a 30 min cool down and a chance to increase threat by 500%.
  3. Off hand damage should be reduced to 10%. 50% is just too high. Main hand should be penalized two, just to make things even. I’d say that 60% damage is good enough for a main hand.
  4. Lockpicking can have a chance for the item, being picked, to explode and cause 9000 area damage.
  5. Average price on Super Healing Pots is just 3G, Blizz should change the ingredients again to include at least 1 primal air.
  6. Hit rating hasn’t been nerfed yet. Hint hint, nutch nutch, say no more, say no more.
  7. The number of Combo Points required for each use should be doubled.
  8. Back stub should require 100 energy.
  9. Evasion may have a chance on use to leave the rogue naked and stunned. Just to make evasion tanking so much funnier.
  10. And last but not least – “Rogue” is a too powerful word. The class name should be changed.
    I suggest “Scarecrow“, to reflect the fact that our powers are being taken away and still there are some fools being afraid of us and constantly asking blizz to nerf rogues even more.

But hey, i shouldn’t just bitch.
Thank you Blizzard for Increasing the frequency and amount of Blinding Powder drops.


Quick Tip III – Switching alchemy mastery


“WARNING! You can only select one alchemy specialization.”

Motivational imageWhen you first get the alchemy mastery quest, the giver warns you that there will be no turning back.
But, if you’re stuck with pot mastery (and not that nice rl one) and you want to make some gold from your profession, maybe even get a nice epic flayer, you will have to make the switch.




How do you switch alchemy mastery?

Simple, yet costly. Just go to the alchemy master who gave you the initial quest, and ask him nicely. For a bribe of 150G he will be kind enough to remove your current mastery. Then, you can just fly to the location of your desired mastery and learn it. No need to do a quest again. With 2 xmute procs – you will cover the cost and even have some left to buy those Fireworks you always wanted.

Note: please remember, and take under consideration, that Master of Elixirs is very useful for raids and guilds.

The masters can be found at:
Elixir Mastery : Shattner City (Terokkar Forest)
Transmute Mastery : Stormspire (Netherstorm)
Potion Mastery : Cenarion Refuge (Zangermarsh)

Alchemy quests (for more info)



You never see it coming!

And yet another idea from all that time waiting for the vanish cd to end.

Sneaking Potion
– always keep some in your bags (if your combat or muti).

Dark Leather Gloves

Mech farming being the rogue national sport, it gave me a small business idea. Had a couple of Dark Leather Gloves made by a leatherworker and sold them for 10g a pop. You can still get failed lockpicking, but your chances are better wearing them.

Now, hopefully my instance entrance count was reset and i can go farm the next round.


And if your a 70 rogue and don’t know what Mech chest farming is, check out:

LF RealmA couple of days ago my guild died. It was a fairly new raiding guild, with good players and really bad management. I made the mistake of sticking with it to the end. Other guildies started to look for a new home a couple of weeks before the sad end, since the crash was pretty visible in the horizon. As a result i found it much harder to find a new guild since most of the good raiding guilds on our server don’t have an opening for a rogue anymore. The last ones was taken by my quicker ex-fellow rogues from the dead guild.

But, I’m not here to bitch about it but to give you some thoughts about guild shopping. Specially if, like me, you want to switch server on the way. In my case, I want to take this opportunity and switch to an eastern time server with more suitable hours.

How to look for a new guild at a new realm

Step 1: Look for optional realms, cut down to your preferred timezone and population size at:
The timezone is self explanatory, but the population size is important since it effects several key issues –

  • The bigger the population – the more possible guilds. Most small servers will not have high level raiding guilds, which has gone further than gruul or SSC. Depending on your level it can be an advantage or disadvantage.
    (* note – this is based on a number of servers I have checked through WowJutsu, as step 2 will explain)
  • More buyers means stable economy, cheaper prices and better availability on high level mats and trade goods. Also, a bigger market for your goods, if you craft any.
  • Bigger population means more options, if you will not like the guild you’ll get into – you have more chances to find another without hopping to another server.
  • Bigger community means more competition. On a heavily populated servers you will have more competition on any open spot in the best guilds.
  • If your into a PVP realm – see if your side has the majority, minority or is the server balanced.
  • And the obvious – Blizzard doesn’t approve realm transfers to heavy populated realms.

Step 2: Look up the server at WowJutsu, check out the guilds list and see which of them has progressed as you would like.
If you come from a guild that just starts Kara, don’t even think about a guild which is farming SSC and going through Hyjal, and if you have downed void reaver a couple of times, don’t waste your time on a guild that still cant down Moroes.
WowJutsu may not be accurate to the point, and it does miss some guilds, but it can give you a good range of guilds to check in each server.

Step 3: The armory. You probably don’t need me to tell you this, but its the next logical step. Check out the guilds you like, see how many players they have of your class and spec. The guild statistics page will give you all the info you need.
As an example, if your a rogue, and they have more rogues than priests, chances are that you will get a polite rejection no matter what your gear or raiding history is.
You can see if they have high percentage of 70’s or a few 70’s and a ton of alts or just lowbis. This info , for example, can give you the initial taste of the guilds spirit.

Step 4: Create a toon on the realm you’d like to check. Use the “WHO” screen and fined players from the guilds you like. Start talking to them, ask general questions about the guild, raiding hours, average ages or any other info that can help your decision. Ask them about the recruiting policies and the guild’s web site (if you couldn’t google it before). You can try to find your class officer and talk to him.
* Remember to pst players who are in main cities only. For god’s, and your own, sake – don’t pst someone who’s in BT and start asking him about the guilds loot policies.
Nine out of ten replies to the question “may i bother you with some guild questions?” will be “sure“.

I can tell you that from a mage in one the the best looking guilds, according to the first 3 steps, i heard that the guild is about to break if they can’t down Gruul in tree days. And here goes my application…
I also had the only rude replay from a priest in one of the coolest looking guilds. So the forth step is incredibly important to do before you try to apply to any guild (which you don’t know any of its members).

*Note – while your there, take the time to check out the AH as well. Check the prices of items you craft or you often buy and compare them to the price range at your current realm.

Step 5: Applying to the guilds that made the cut. Go to their web sites, read the forums a little, the recruiting instructions, the guild’s info and rules, any thing you can. Get the final impression at how the guild presents itself. Then, try to apply with the five most favorite guilds you listed. Know that guilds will be less likely to recruit a player from another server which non of their members have played with before. So in this kind of application, your written skills, at the application form, may be crucial, fill it carefully and thoughtfully.
Remember that it can take a couple of days to get replies so be patient.

GL and may the schwartz be with you.


How Blizzard monitors realm populations
Population Balance
Realms FAQ @ Blizzard

What are you looking for in a new server

Quick Tip II – Make more of your Ogri’la dailies

Maiden If your an alchemist and your doing the Ogrila daily quets – when you banish deamons – do it on the Abyssal Flamebringer on the south side, at Forge Camp: Terror.

The reason is that those dudes drop the recipe for Major Holy Protection Potion. A recipe that will come handy on the maiden (if your just starting kara) or on the AH.
Doing your daily quest on then can save the headache of a mindless grinding to get this recipe.

As with any major prot recip, using it a couple of times should teach you to make the Cauldron of that prot pot, which is always nice to have.

Getting your NELF big bad cat mount.

NELF big bad cat mountIf your a human, gnome or dwarf, chances are that you haven’t done the Darkshore Ashenvale quests.
Go back and do them all. Being level 70 and doing the level 10-30 quests there is not that hard, and you WILL get Darnassus rep points for the quests.
In a day you can easily grind 10k-20k rep.

This tip is for my fellow too bored 70’s who already have the flying dragon and ray and want a cool mount for the old land as well.