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fm kz

mount licence

mount licence at 40

middle of the night. found an old image. classic photoshop moment.

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The gnomified population of Azeroth as documented by my “print screen” caps.

musik :
L’Heros by “The Pinker Tones
From the 2007 album More Colours: The Million Colour Revolution on Nacional.
(via KEXP song of the day)

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Raiding rogue guide

Please NOTE
This guide is good for around patch 2.1

There are many ways to play our leathery class in raids. Those tips are based on personal experience as a combat dagger rogue, and I hope to get more tips and advices on other specs and styles.
This guide is an open draft and is edited when ever I have the time.
Any contribution will be welcomed through the comments.

Maximizing your damage

Rogue’s damage is what gives him the precious raid spot.

  1. You probably have heard this before but I’d rather be safe then sorry – SPEC COMBAT.
    There comes a point in every end gamer’s life when he must choose raid or PvP. If you have decided to be a raiding rogue, go combat.
    I know that you like the cool mutilate or the ability to sneak past any white faced human in AV, but Combat is the best raid DPS spec for most gamers.
    While combat swards spec suppose to be the best and subtlety maces considered the worst possible for raids (and in this combination – for anything), you should always find what’s best for your gameplay and flavor. Combat is known to work well for most raiding rogues.
    More about rogue builds: http://www.wowwiki.com/Rogue_builds
  2. Combat daggers works best with a fast off-hand. If your off hand is a 1.8 speed, I think (but not sure) that mutilate is the spec for you.
  3. Stack +hit gear.
    1. Because you need it to fight higher level mobs such as those you will meet in raid instances.
    2. Because it’s the only stat you can’t get buffs, chants or food for. Hence, you must have it on your base stat.

    Your +Hit goal should be 200 to 320, depending on your build.
    More info and math about the +Hit statas can be found here.
    And a forum thread about +Hit rating – here

  4. Forget about Eviscerate. Acquaint yourself with that long forgotten Rupture. Mobs and bosses, which are not immune – should be ruptured.
  5. Options for weapon enhancements:
    – When you have a shammi in your group that can cast Windfury – use it.
    Adamantite Sharpening Stone – always keep a stack of those.
    Both of those options are very good against any poison immune mobs and bosses, and Windfury is a good option to have at anytime if you have a shammi.

Extensive theory and math crafting :

PVE Rogue Starter Gear:

Maximum DPS Armor Chart:

Agro/Threat control

When grouping and raiding, the tank’s job is to get agro and let the DPS classes do their work. Unfortunately, in the first raid you’ll do, e.g Kara, your tanks will not always be the best they can (just like you will have a lot more to learn). When grouping with a tank who has hard time maintaining agro, you must know how to deal with your argo generation.
While soft mages or purple priests must take a step back and hold on their fire, so not to make the boss too angry at them, we can burst full DPS, then feint or vanish, and do it again in just seconds.
Agro control is a key to be a good raiding rogue.

  1. KTM (or the new and improved Omen) will tell you when that trash mob is about to turn its deadly force to your delicate (but good looking) leather suite. Agro meter such as those 2 is not an option but a must have.
  2. Anesthetic Poison – it may not give as much damage as the instant poison, but will do extra damage without the extra threat, therefor allow you to put an overall more damage.
    (again, that is off course unless the boss is immune to poisons)
  3. Using Vanish, when you’re agro is too close to the tank, will allow you to restart the damage dance, but it has the 3-5 min cooldown.
  4. Use Feint if your agro gets too close to the tank and vanish is on CD.

Add ons

Must have

  1. Damage meter/SW Statas – evaluate your output compared to others.
  2. Fubar DPS (or any other personal DPS counter) – evaluate your net output. Some addons will slice your dps by the ability used and other details.
  3. KTM / Omen – To help you manage your threat levels.
  4. eCastingBar – customize and mobile your enemy and personal casting bars. Will help when you most needed – to stop casters Etc.
  5. DOTimer / CCWatch – timing your CC’s. It’s good to know when that sapped mob is about to wake up and go looking for you.
  6. Deadly Boss Mode – will help you know when to COS, run away, stop DPS or any other action you need to take in any boss fight.
  7. CT_RaidAssist – Everything you wanted to know and configure about your raid group display and info.

Good to have

  1. Outfitter – when you need to switch arcane resistance gear, or go from PvP to PvE, in a click – you know you want this add on.
  2. AtlasLoot – if you want to plan your time and look for gear drops where you might get them
  3. TrinketMenu – not a must, but its nice to be able to switch trinkets with 1 click.
  4. SpamSentry – keeping your raid channel clean is pretty important even with voice chat.
  5. NugieComboBar / Archud or any other tool that will place your CP right up front.
  6. EquipCompare – make faster loot rolling decisions when you can easily comper it to your current item.
  7. ElkBuffBars – I like those for showing me all my debuffes clearly.

There are planty more recomanded addons – for your bags, proffessions, poisons, loot and any other aspect of the game and it’s interface. Those listed are just the addons you will want, or must, have in a raid.
To find more addons you can visit – http://wow.curse.com/downloads/
(again, any suggestions, recommendations and well written opinions ar more then welcome)

Interface design

Personally i like to have the crucial data in the center and move any none battle necessary items to the corners, or top.
I need to have immediate data such as threat and mob health in my main focus (the green circle in the picture), without loosing eye focus. That’s very important when every millisecond of unfocused eye work can be crucial. I disable any non relevant combat text (such as heals gained or damage dealt). I have even removed the group icons from the raid interface and cleared it a little more.


The two main points to a good interface are:

  1. Clean – the less on-screen data, the faster you process the data you do have.
  2. Data placement, from the center outward – according to it’s importance and battle relevance.

An example to the second rule is that in a fight where I need to interrupt spells (R&J, High King Etc.), the target cast bar will be placed in a centered position, and be moved to the bottom in any other situation. Same with centering the debuff floating frame when debuffs are relevant (Heroic Mech Mechano-Lord Capacitus Etc.).


  1. Always keep a stack of 20 from each of the main poisons rogues can use.
    Anesthetic Poison
    is good to deal damage without the agro penalty.
    Deadly Poison the favorite off hand poison of most rogues. Just don’t use it in a CC rich environment or you’ll have your group gratitude for some nasty wipes.
    Instant poison should be used whenever agro is not an issue.
    Wound poison is good against almost any boss with self healing capabilities, from Romeo’s biatch to the blind seer and beyond. Don’t forget about it.
    Crippling Poison is good in vary rare ocasions (such as Moroes add kiting), so it is good to keep a stack of it anyway.
    Mind Numbing is useless in most raiding situations.
    More about poisons and uses – here
  2. Make sure you have the gold.
    Raiding can be expensive, from repair bills to regents and mats. An average raid can cost you 20g-50g or more. Don’t get to learn a new boss fight and wary about your repair bill and don’t come unprepared to a raid just because it requires gold. There are many ways to make gold, and if you are good enough player to raid, you should be good enough player to take care of the farming/trading/grinding side.
    What ever you do, remember that buying gold is the lamest way to make it, and that you often expose yourself to threats such as Trojans, account hacking and just plain cons.
  3. Go heroics whenever you can. I know it’s a general recommendation and not a rogue specific, but do it. Heroics can gear you, by collecting the Badges or with some of the boss’s loots. Bloodlust Brooch and Searing Sunblade are two of the best items you can get in their slots till Gruul and beyond. I use the Sunblade even after Romeo’s biatch was kind enough to supply me with her nifty little offhand dagger (1.3 speed goes great with my play style).
  4. Everyone will tell you to never leave home without some 10, or more, healing pots. Also to keep some Agi pots, Relentless flasks, or what ever redbull keeps you going.
    I’m just adding some sneaking potion to your grocery list.
    It’s good to have those, especially for a combat rogue, for any sneaking and recon missions you might need to do.
  5. Read this guide to bad rogueing, be honest with yourself and find out what have you done wrong. It’s never too late to mend.
  6. Don’t take anything you read on the web for granted – always try for yourself, use damage meter and find the best spec/tactics combination for your gear and game style.

Any other suggestions and tips are always welcome.

Additional info:

how to lrn2raid – more for the raiding rogue:

Kara, Gruul and Magtheridon strategy guide for rogues:

Useful info and links:

Thanks for the rogues who donated criticism and info at the official forum:

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Get your hands of our DPS

NERF No More - put an end to Rogues nerfingThinking about it, there is only one solution to our constant nerfs – we should stand and protest against the upcoming Haste NERF.

Here are a couple of suggestions for a non violent effective protest, in the spirit of Mahatma Gandhi (a priest, not a rogue, but a wise men non the less)

1. Every day at 5:00pm – 5:05PM server time (on each server) , rogues, furi warriors, and anyone else who feels that this nerf will effect him, should dance nude in the main cities central locations. Places like the bank fronts of Ironfourge or Stormwind and the Hoard’s equivalent.

If you support it and want to take part, just spam your local trade channel some time before 5pm. Let people know to come and let them know whats its all about.

2. Create toons named “Nerfnomore” on each realm and bring them to lead the dancing.

3. Spread the word.

Any other suggestions will be welcomed. Its time to stand for your right to top the charts! Hell, someone will be there anyway – so why not us?
Remember that unlike a nature disaster – NERFING CAN BE STOPPED!

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DPS kings - ExtinctThe constant nerfing of rogues is going yet another step on in the coming patch – the haste rate nerf.
It seems as if blizz is trying to turn the rogues into peons or just to get rid of this class. So, being a sporty kind of rogue, I’ve decided to give Blizz a hand and write down some more suggestions to be implemented on the next patches. Follow them, and you’ll have no more rogues by the time the dreaded Death Knight will start to roam around.

How can blizzard nerf the rogues even more

  1. Leather is too OP, rogues should wear clothes.
  2. Vanish is an unfair advantage. It should have a 30 min cool down and a chance to increase threat by 500%.
  3. Off hand damage should be reduced to 10%. 50% is just too high. Main hand should be penalized two, just to make things even. I’d say that 60% damage is good enough for a main hand.
  4. Lockpicking can have a chance for the item, being picked, to explode and cause 9000 area damage.
  5. Average price on Super Healing Pots is just 3G, Blizz should change the ingredients again to include at least 1 primal air.
  6. Hit rating hasn’t been nerfed yet. Hint hint, nutch nutch, say no more, say no more.
  7. The number of Combo Points required for each use should be doubled.
  8. Back stub should require 100 energy.
  9. Evasion may have a chance on use to leave the rogue naked and stunned. Just to make evasion tanking so much funnier.
  10. And last but not least – “Rogue” is a too powerful word. The class name should be changed.
    I suggest “Scarecrow“, to reflect the fact that our powers are being taken away and still there are some fools being afraid of us and constantly asking blizz to nerf rogues even more.

But hey, i shouldn’t just bitch.
Thank you Blizzard for Increasing the frequency and amount of Blinding Powder drops.

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