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Quick Tip III – Switching alchemy mastery


“WARNING! You can only select one alchemy specialization.”

Motivational imageWhen you first get the alchemy mastery quest, the giver warns you that there will be no turning back.
But, if you’re stuck with pot mastery (and not that nice rl one) and you want to make some gold from your profession, maybe even get a nice epic flayer, you will have to make the switch.




How do you switch alchemy mastery?

Simple, yet costly. Just go to the alchemy master who gave you the initial quest, and ask him nicely. For a bribe of 150G he will be kind enough to remove your current mastery. Then, you can just fly to the location of your desired mastery and learn it. No need to do a quest again. With 2 xmute procs – you will cover the cost and even have some left to buy those Fireworks you always wanted.

Note: please remember, and take under consideration, that Master of Elixirs is very useful for raids and guilds.

The masters can be found at:
Elixir Mastery : Shattner City (Terokkar Forest)
Transmute Mastery : Stormspire (Netherstorm)
Potion Mastery : Cenarion Refuge (Zangermarsh)

Alchemy quests (for more info)



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Dark Leather Gloves

Mech farming being the rogue national sport, it gave me a small business idea. Had a couple of Dark Leather Gloves made by a leatherworker and sold them for 10g a pop. You can still get failed lockpicking, but your chances are better wearing them.

Now, hopefully my instance entrance count was reset and i can go farm the next round.


And if your a 70 rogue and don’t know what Mech chest farming is, check out:

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