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Quick Tip II – Make more of your Ogri’la dailies

Maiden If your an alchemist and your doing the Ogrila daily quets – when you banish deamons – do it on the Abyssal Flamebringer on the south side, at Forge Camp: Terror.

The reason is that those dudes drop the recipe for Major Holy Protection Potion. A recipe that will come handy on the maiden (if your just starting kara) or on the AH.
Doing your daily quest on then can save the headache of a mindless grinding to get this recipe.

As with any major prot recip, using it a couple of times should teach you to make the Cauldron of that prot pot, which is always nice to have.


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Getting your NELF big bad cat mount.

NELF big bad cat mountIf your a human, gnome or dwarf, chances are that you haven’t done the Darkshore Ashenvale quests.
Go back and do them all. Being level 70 and doing the level 10-30 quests there is not that hard, and you WILL get Darnassus rep points for the quests.
In a day you can easily grind 10k-20k rep.

This tip is for my fellow too bored 70’s who already have the flying dragon and ray and want a cool mount for the old land as well.

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