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Thanks to the sobbing idiots who can’t play thier classes or use trade skills but keep an open eye on what ever others are doing, blizz has quietly nerfed the rogues once more in the patch. This time, by moving the chests in Mech a few inches so it will be impossible to kite the mobs the way we used to in order to farm the chests.

Some called it an unfair advantage to rogues, other, like me, just thought its a good rogue play. After all, we suppose to be a class of quiet sneaking thives. That’s the dictionary defenition of the Rogue class.

Apparently blizz is not that into backing up the lore of the class. Just like the way the lore can change when they want to make some easyRL gold by creating another expansion. In Azeroth, lore is not carved in no stone.
This is the kind of corporate thinking that I truly hate in RL. Never go an extra inch outside the sells-department box. Always have to keep everyone happy and smiling, as long as they seem to be the majority of the paying customers according to the graphs.
thank you blizz for reminding me that this is an RL enviroment with some poligones to cover the mediocre thinking of the mainstream customer.



Come to think about it, if the moving of some virtual chest, bound by XML to some virtual happiness, makes me that angry, maybe its time to leave azaroth for some RL time. After all, this is just a video game. Isn’t it?


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DPS kings - ExtinctThe constant nerfing of rogues is going yet another step on in the coming patch – the haste rate nerf.
It seems as if blizz is trying to turn the rogues into peons or just to get rid of this class. So, being a sporty kind of rogue, I’ve decided to give Blizz a hand and write down some more suggestions to be implemented on the next patches. Follow them, and you’ll have no more rogues by the time the dreaded Death Knight will start to roam around.

How can blizzard nerf the rogues even more

  1. Leather is too OP, rogues should wear clothes.
  2. Vanish is an unfair advantage. It should have a 30 min cool down and a chance to increase threat by 500%.
  3. Off hand damage should be reduced to 10%. 50% is just too high. Main hand should be penalized two, just to make things even. I’d say that 60% damage is good enough for a main hand.
  4. Lockpicking can have a chance for the item, being picked, to explode and cause 9000 area damage.
  5. Average price on Super Healing Pots is just 3G, Blizz should change the ingredients again to include at least 1 primal air.
  6. Hit rating hasn’t been nerfed yet. Hint hint, nutch nutch, say no more, say no more.
  7. The number of Combo Points required for each use should be doubled.
  8. Back stub should require 100 energy.
  9. Evasion may have a chance on use to leave the rogue naked and stunned. Just to make evasion tanking so much funnier.
  10. And last but not least – “Rogue” is a too powerful word. The class name should be changed.
    I suggest “Scarecrow“, to reflect the fact that our powers are being taken away and still there are some fools being afraid of us and constantly asking blizz to nerf rogues even more.

But hey, i shouldn’t just bitch.
Thank you Blizzard for Increasing the frequency and amount of Blinding Powder drops.

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