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Fifth wheel of pugdom


I pug alot, sometimes when i’m guildless, other times when no one in my guild wants to run Heroic BF, or what ever instance it is that i grind at the time.
Pugging was described once as the “best way to meet the worst players on your server”. And, while this is true, it can still be a good way to meet good players and learn other ways to deal even with the most familiar instances. I guess that we all know pagging is a gamble.

But, there is one kind of a pug that you can tell for sure will be bad – being a fifth wheel. “Fifth Wheel Pug” is pugging with a group of four guildies, not from your guild, who needded another hand. FWP such as this can be desasterous from many reasons just like any other pug. Although they are guildies – hence suppose to work well together, they could be testing a new member, helping a 70noob or just be bad players.
Everything i s possible when you join a FWP, but the most common outcome, in nine out of ten runs, – Anything bad that happens will be YOUR FAULT.
D’ont try to fight it, don’t try to reason with it – if your the fifth wheel – your the bad apple and the reason for each and every wipe.

I’ve been to pugs where the tank couldn’t hold aggro, the hunter practiced feign death on every trash mob and the preistes was “afk phone sry” half the time. Still, i was to blame for each and every wipe.
Been on the other side too, grouping with guildies and pugging a fifth. When we had bad runs, and, lets be honest – Chuck Norris is the only man in written history who never had a bad day*, the fifth was always the blame. Sometimes i went along with it, since it seems like an azarothian tradition. Other times, being too well acquainted with this problem, i tried to convince my guildies to give the poor shmock a break. What ever i done, the pug player was getting the blame, you just cant fight tradition.

There are many reasons for this, the main being the self preservation instinct of the guild. If the pugger is the blame, it saves inner guild arguments and chaos. Another reason is the basic human distrust to the unfamiliar. If your the odd man out – you will be blamed.

So, when you pug around, always be aware – if your with four guys from the same guild – you’ll be the blame for every little thing. Just lower your had and except it if it happens. You can’t argue, or reason, your way out of it. And if you pug with guildies, try not to break the balls of the fifth guy, it won’t always be he’s fault that you wiped.

I can tell you that I got to my last guild after a good run like that, but its the uncommon that makes the common what it is.

Chuck Norris is the only man in written history who never had a bad day*
There is a secret US Government agency which entire job is to make sure that will never happen. Ronald reagan initiated it since he knew that the world will never stand a chance if that Dooms day scenario will ever happen.


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